Solar Panels
If you’re going solar, go with the best solar panels in the Industry. SunPower Solar power systems make more energy from every drop of sunshine.

Information Technology Supplies
With many years’ experience of supplying Schools, Colleges and Universities, we’ve got everything you need for Design & Technology. Find top brand names and high quality own branded products in areas including CAD/CAM, 3D Printing, Sublimation, Engineering, Electronics, Materials, Machine Tools, Resource Packs, Arts & Crafts, Graphics and more.

Plumbing Supplies
Plumbing Supplies are our bread and butter. We have everything from PVC fittings to solder to water heaters. Basically if you need to put it in a plumbing system, we have it.

Furniture for offices
Discover how simple it is to create your ideal workspace with us: operational, presidential, directional, partition walls, seating, reception, metal furniture, accessories.

Electronic Equipment
We deal with all the best brands of UV germicidal lamps, inverters for solar panels, HVAC systems, Water Treatment or Process Control, Lifesaver Security and Magnetothermal Devices, automation products from Photoelectric Sensors to level or temperature controllers, from PLC to Smart Intelligent Relays all managed by BUS technology. We are experts in new technologies and know how to recommend specific products for specific needs. With speed and maximum reliability. We plan your consumption, protect your energy, measure your performance.

Industrial Shelving
We offer pallet racking, and drive-in, gravity, modular, and tubular shelving and much more. All for the storage of any type of product with maximum convenience and safety. We help you to solve all your problems, always finding the best solution.