Regulatory consultancy
First evaluate, then design.

Mepak technicians observe, measure, verify. Then, together with the clients they decide the project’s priorities. We are specialists in sustainability and propose solutions with safe and recyclable materials, maximizing energy use. All in full compliance with regulations, thanks to our certified skills.

We think about the workplace

We start from the specific requirements. We employ technicians, consultants, experts in different fields. We provide a comprehensive feasibility and cost study. If it’s an office, a house, or a facility: the goal will always be to create a safe, functional and eco-compatible space, oriented to the welfare of those who will live in it every day.

Revamping & Restyling
Modernise, to change for the better

Mepak restructures offices, civil and industrial buildings. We optimise space in response to new needs and using new technologies. We renew aesthetics, improve energy consumption and make productivity even more efficient .

When renovation means reorganisation

Over time many spaces can have new uses. Mepak is able to redesign them starting with the furnishings and furniture already present. Reorganising functionality, optimising economic investment.

IT service
Technology that improves work

Mepak creates ad hoc infrastructures, stable and secure networks, advanced computer systems. Thanks to our integrated solutions, based on multidisciplinary expertise, we are able to interpret the potential of new technologies and put them at the service of each client and what they really need.